Office Refurbishment

We specialise in office designs for refurbishment projects. If you have landed a new contract and you need to employ more staff, run out of room or are looking to make changes to the way your office looks, we can help.

A clever office refurbishment can free up space you never knew you had. And it spares you the cost and upheaval of moving.

  • No changes of address to worry about,
  • No chance of losing any staff who can’t make the commute to your new office.

But how do you do all of this when it’s a full-time office?

With great difficulty!

You should not have to worry, that’s if you have Blue Line Design on board.

Taking the stress out of office refurbishment is our business.

  • Health & Safety dangers
  • Disruption issues
  • Fly by night contractors

You don’t need to worry about any of them. No-one’s better at working safely around people. Noisy, dusty and highly distracting activities, where possible, should be carried out when the space is at its lowest point of use. We do the heavy work in the evenings and weekends so as not to disrupt staff. Having trade contractors who are willing and able to work flexible hours is critical, The ability of the Main Contractor to make preparations, on behalf of its subcontractors, is of great importance.

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That is why Blue Line Design acting as Main Contractor will always have one of it’s personal on site permanently to pre-empt the unexpected that may happen. We’re in and out as quickly as possible. We work to fixed costs and timescales, to your budget, giving you peace of mind.

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