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Office Partitioning

We provide office partitions that meet the needs of today’s modern working environments. Office partitions create space, and a partition is perfect for dividing work areas to provide practical workplace solutions. Sometimes the clever use of office partitioning can give the appearance of height and increased space. Many different styles, colours and types of office partitions are now available to complement your existing decor and environment and we can help you make the right choice.

Drywall installations, cubicle walls, office partition walls and more

When deciding on an office partitioning solution, there are a number of factors to consider:

Think about what the final workspace will be used for, namely…

  • Finishing
    Office Partitions can be finished with a drywall installation, aluminium & glass or silicon glazing.
    Doors incorporated into the partitioning can be in timber veneer, glass, hollow core or aluminium & glass.
    Fire performance may be a consideration when choosing the type of partitioning.

  • Decorative Finishing
    Partitioning walls can be decorated with paint, wallpaper, glass with vinyl decals or glass with blinds

  • Acoustic performance
    Some materials and office partition systems will provide better sound proofing than others, and therefore provide an element of privacy.
  • Strength
    In some situations extra strong partitioning may be required e.g. factories.
  • Height
    Lobby areas and factories often require office partitions of unusual height.
  • Timescale of project
    Some types of partitioning are more time consuming to install than others.
  • Cost
    Some types of partitioning systems are more expensive than others but offer more long term benefits.

Types of Office Partitioning:

Aluminium system office partitions are made with single or double layers of normal plaster wallboard fixed each side of the studwork framing. Solid panel joints can be covered with clip-on aluminium sections, which can be colour coated, or taped and filled to give a seamless flush wall. Some stud partitioning systems use timber trims.

Glazed windows can be incorporated into the partitioning,these often incorporate venetian blinds.

Door frames can be proved to match the system framework and fitted with suitable veneered doors and appropriate ironmongery. This type of office partition is fire rated and can be upgraded utilising a mineral fibre or fibreglass infill to provide good acoustic performance.

Stud partitioning is a flexible product that can easily be configured to a particular design and can be finished in a wide range of options whist remaining a relatively cost effective system.

Glass or silicon glazed partitions are constructed entirely of glass held in place with head and floor detail and with joints filled with silicon mastic.

Glass partitioning systems are available that produce a frameless appearance to the partitioning. Glass partitions creates a light and airy environment, ideal for modern open plan offices.

This type of partitioning is normally constructed as single glazed units. Blinds can also be included to create extra privacy if required.

Decorative films can be applied to the glass, with, for example, the company logo. Glazed partitions are not normally fire rated but can be made more fire rated with special glass.

They are, however, easy to relocate if necessary. Doors are normally glass but can be solid if needed.

They can be fitted on patch hinges, floor mounts, in frames or frameless systems.

Plasterboard office partitions and walls are non load bearing, and are constructed using dry techniques. They can be used in all types of buildings including private housing, commercial and industrial buildings.

The range covers all applications providing simple space division, through to high performance walls designed to meet the most demanding fire resistance, sound insulation, strength, robustness and height requirements.

Plasterboard office partitions and walls are constructed using lightweight materials which can give rise to significant savings in structural design compared to the masonry alternatives.

Plasterboard linings are not suitable for use in areas subject to continuously damp or humid conditions. They are also not suitable for use in temperatures above 49°C but can be subjected to freezing conditions without risk of damage.

Plasterboard is designated a ‘material of limited combustibility’ within the national building regulations. For optimum sound insulation all junctions have to be airtight; this is achieved by sealing all gaps between boards with standard sealant materials.

Plasterboard partitioning is very versatile as it can be used to create either very simple structures or complex partitioning including curved walls. The basic product can be upgraded to increase its fire acoustic or thermal ratings.

It is the ideal partitioning to use where unusual height is required such as in lobbies or factory/warehouse sites.

Demountable office partitions utilises a steel sub frame as its core. This is fitted into position first and then the outer frame of exposed aluminium components then clips onto this steel sub frame forming the visible door and glazing frames.The outer layers, normally lightweight plasterboard are fixed into place.

The outer aluminium framework can be colour coated to finish.

Glazed windows are prefabricated in single or double-glazed options.

Demountable partitioning is a widely used partitioning type as it is quick, cost effective and relocatable basic system. On the other hand, it is neither fire rated nor does it provide much acoustic insulation.

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