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Ceilings for your Office / Business

Blue Line Design’s team of office designers supplies and installs suspended ceiling systems of all types , from modular grid  ceilings right through to purpose built, plaster board ceilings.

The right ceiling can improve the office environment greatly. For example, ceilings can be installed that alter acoustic qualities according to what is required in the workspace. A meeting room would need very different acoustics compared with an open plan office space. The right type of suspended ceiling can achieve the exact acoustic properties you want as a client for each space.

Plasterboard Ceilings

Plasterboard is fixed to a concealed metal grid which is in turn then fixed to a structural soffit above. This therefore creates a void above the ceiling which can be used for services etc. The plasterboard can then be finished using the taping and jointing system if required. The type of plasterboard used can be designed to enhance particular fire, acoustic and thermal requirements.

Plasterboard Bulkheads

The same system above can be used to create feature bulkheads in ceilings. These can be constructed purely in an aesthetic context to create dropped levels in ceilings and , to create curved features. These can also be built around and hide services such as air conditioning units and light fittings.

Suspended Grid Ceilings

Grid ceilings consist of tiles hung within a metal grid system. There are many different tile types and styles available to suit each development.

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