Have you ever walked into a building and felt relaxed, comfortable and energised, all at the same time? It’s probably because there was a lot of natural light and sufficient lighting throughout the building.

Lighting can have a large impact on a person’s mood, productivity and even on their well-being. If you’re considering a renovation project for your office, then it’s worth your while to invest in adequate lighting. Here’s why:

  • It makes building occupants happier and more productive.

Everyone knows people don’t want to sit and read in the dark, but the effect of natural light on productivity and mood is often underestimated. In a new study, researchers at the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program, at North-western University in Chicago, concluded there is a strong relationship between workplace daylight exposure and office workers’ sleep, activity and quality of life.

  • It can reduce your energy bills.

Even if you can’t retrofit your existing office space to include more daylight, you should at least invest in LED light bulbs, which use significantly less electricity. You will be able to see how your utility bills fall as you start to make use of more natural light and upgrade your lights to more energy efficient versions.

Speak to an office renovation company to find out how you can maximise natural lighting and optimise the lighting in your new space. Contact Blue Line Design for more information today.