Office buildings are becoming increasingly expenses and companies continue to grow. Instead of packing up and moving your office, employees and everything that goes along with it, rather try to optimise your space with smart design. Here are a few design tips for small offices:

Declutter your space

Invest in underfloor cabling solutions, smart storage options and anything that can declutter the areas where people move and work.

Standing meeting rooms

Have you heard the saying ‘sitting is the new smoking?’ Standing is becoming a health issue and many companies are investing in standing desks. One way to use this health movement to your advantage is to have ‘standing meeting rooms.’ Simply take a small table and let people gather around them. This will take up much less space than a traditional meeting room. Time spent in meetings can be cut by up to 40%

Mobile desks

In the past, there used to be a 1 to 1 ratio for employees and desks. Each employee had a dedicated spot in the office. Today, many large corporates have realised this isn’t necessary, seeing as many executives are in meetings throughout the day, sales people are on the road, etc. If there are a number of employees who don’t spend a significant portion of their day at a desk, create a few ‘mobile desks’ which can be used by whoever is in the office at that particular time.

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