BLD_113Upgrading an office plan or planning for a completely reinvented design can be as difficult as it is costly. This article highlights the foundational design tips using expertise from fit out and design experts, to help you select an approach which facilitates effective delivery of any office design and fit out project, one that falls in line with your timelines and budgetary allocations.


The planning stage is the most critical part of a fit out and refurbishment project. It is important to invent enough time into the process, given that collecting more information at the outset will prevent wastage of time during the more cost and time sensitive stages.

Gather information to provide an in-depth understanding of your current and future staff demands, comparison between office and workstation configurations, office reception areas, meeting and conferencing areas and storeroom areas, among other necessary needs.

This will enable you to assess your space occupation as well as effectively analyse design and fit out quotations within a significantly shorter timeframe, while offering you more control over the project.


While taking stock of your current and future requirements, ensure your plan features a distinct summary of your office’s unique and relevant safety provisions. From this, you can develop a health and safety checklist with input from your OH&S department/manager. This will verify your initial OH&S needs, which can then be integrated into the design and fit out workflows. Ensure you have provided for wheelchair access.

Once you have created a short-list of likely space occupations and timelines, it’s time to produce and decide on an effective office design, one which will enhance effective utilisation of available space. Think functionality and be alert, consider personnel sizes and heights as well as their office or workstation requirements. Make sure to also plan for any imminent departmental expansion plans.


Finally, control your use of resources by finding recyclable or internal alternatives – things that can be reused from the last design plan. Where possible, you can opt to work around your current fit out elements, guaranteeing huge cost benefits.

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