Many years ago, the majority of offices all looked the same. Standard desks, computers, equipment were used and they all had a similar layout.

Today, many businesses have realised that a creative, modern office design not only showcases their business in a positive light, but it also changes the mood of the office. Here are some ways that creative office design and refurbishment can change the mood of your business:

The effect of colour on employees’ moods

If you’ve got creative teams, then the mood needs to facilitate creativity, collaboration and free-thinking. Instead of opting for a single colour, speak to an experienced office fit out consultant to find how different yellows, reds and greens can stimulate the mind and relieve an ominous mood in workspaces.

It encourages collaboration

Creative office designs usually ditch the idea that people will be working at their desks all day. Instead of creating a single-seating plan for each employee, an experienced consultant will focus on creating areas where people can work together and brainstorm which will encourage creativity.

Aligning space with your company’s objectives

Creative office spaces often incorporate the company’s business goals with cool, interesting objects. This type of well thought-out interior design can continuously remind employees of their brand and ultimate objectives.

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