How do you know it’s time to invest in an office refurbishment? Here are four signs that you should talk to a professional office design consultant:

You’re bursting out of your seems

The goal of an office is for people to be able to complete their work and tasks with ease. If you’ve got a bunch of desks heaped together, leading to people basically working in very close proximity to one another, it’s time to call a professional.

It’s dark and stuffy

Modern, successful office spaces are designed to optimise natural light and air quality. If your workspace is dark and doesn’t promote good ventilation, it could impact your workforce’s quality of life and their performance.

Your competitors are moving towards you

One of the easiest ways to outshine a competitor is by opening a brand new office in close proximity to other companies in their industry. This move will immediately make your office look a bit outdated and it might be the perfect time to look at how you can give your office space a facelift.

Your office doesn’t reflect your company culture or business

Leading companies invest in interior décor which reflects their business values and processes. If you’re a young, hip, urban company, then your office shouldn’t look like an investment bank; if you’re providing a professional service to blue chip companies, your office shouldn’t look like a warehouse or a storeroom. Speak to an experienced office fit out company to make sure the interior layout and design reflects your company’s culture and business.

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