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20 07, 2015

Do open floor office layouts increase productivity?

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Business owners and managers are always on the lookout for strategies to increase productivity in the workplace, cut costs and improve employee morale. Studies have shown that approximately 70% of all office spaces in developed countries are based on the open-plan system. Why go open-plan? The main advantage of open-plan is the increased utilisation of [...]

13 07, 2015

Why the correct lighting is vital for a successful office renovation project

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Have you ever walked into a building and felt relaxed, comfortable and energised, all at the same time? It’s probably because there was a lot of natural light and sufficient lighting throughout the building. Lighting can have a large impact on a person’s mood, productivity and even on their well-being. If you’re considering a renovation [...]

6 07, 2015

Three design tips for small offices

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Office buildings are becoming increasingly expenses and companies continue to grow. Instead of packing up and moving your office, employees and everything that goes along with it, rather try to optimise your space with smart design. Here are a few design tips for small offices: Declutter your space Invest in underfloor cabling solutions, smart storage [...]